Two Way Radio Accessories

Discover our comprehensive range of two-way radio accessories, designed to enhance your communication experience and maximize the performance of your two-way radio systems.

Two Way Radio Headsets

From Lightweight comms headsets to Heavy Duty hearing protectors, our Two Way Radio Headset range has it all.

Standard Horizon HX370E Submersible VHF/PMR Marine Transceiver

Endura Chargers

Whether it’s a single charger unit you require, or a large charging rack for multiple radios, our Endura Chargers have an option for you.

Standard Horizon HX370E Submersible VHF/PMR Marine Transceiver

Press to Talk Switches

Our selection of Press to Talk switches are all manufactured to a premium quality and fit a wide variety of two way radios.

Savox C-C550 RSM / PTT

Remote Speaker Microphones

Available in a variety of styles, our range of Remote Speaker Microphones or RSMs offer a simple and effective solution.

ATEX Two-Way Radio Accessories

ATEX two-way radio accessories are designed, manufactured, and certified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres, where flammable gases, mists, vapours, or combustible dusts may be present. These accessories must comply with the strict safety requirements specified in the ATEX Directives (2014/34/EU and 1999/92/EC) to ensure they do not become an ignition source in hazardous environments. Some common ATEX-certified two-way radio accessories include:

  1. ATEX headsets and earpieces: Intrinsically safe headsets and earpieces for hands-free communication in potentially explosive atmospheres, often featuring noise reduction or noise-cancelling technology to improve audio quality in noisy environments.
  2. ATEX PTT devices: Push-to-Talk devices designed for use with ATEX-certified radios, allowing users to communicate instantly with one or more individuals by pressing and holding a button while speaking.
  3. ATEX microphones and speakers: Explosion-proof microphones and speakers that can be used with two-way radios in hazardous environments, ensuring clear and safe communication.

Why are two-way radio accessories useful & benneficial?

Two-way radio accessories are useful because they enhance the functionality, performance, and user experience of two-way radios in various environments and situations. Here are some reasons why these accessories are beneficial:

Improved communication quality: Accessories such as headsets, earpieces, microphones, and speakers can help improve audio quality, reduce background noise, and ensure clearer communication, especially in noisy environments.

Enhanced safety: In hazardous environments, using the appropriate accessories, such as ATEX-certified headsets or PTT devices, ensures that communication equipment does not pose an ignition risk while providing reliable communication.

Hands-free operation: Headsets and earpieces allow for hands-free communication, enabling users to perform tasks without having to hold the radio constantly.

Extended range and signal quality: Antennas, signal boosters, and repeaters can help extend the range and improve the signal quality of two-way radios, facilitating communication over greater distances and in challenging environments.

Longer operating time: Extra or high-capacity batteries can increase the operating time of two-way radios, reducing the need for frequent charging or battery replacement.

Customization and programming: Programming cables and software enable users to customize their radios’ settings, channels, and features, tailoring the devices to suit specific needs and preferences.

Protection and portability: Carrying cases, holsters, belt clips, and straps provide protection for the radios and make them easier to carry and access, reducing the risk of damage or loss.

Interoperability and compatibility: Adapters and connectors allow for compatibility between radios and other devices or accessories from different manufacturers, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

Adaptability to different environments: By using the appropriate accessories, two-way radios can be adapted to different environments and situations, such as outdoor activities, noisy workplaces, or emergency response scenarios.