Discover tactical equipment, headsets & accessories used by many including soldiers & the emergency services all over the world. Our solutions range from military ear defenders, to subtle & robust covert communication solutions built to fit a wide selection of two way radios, Easy to access PTT switches, RSM’s, throat microphones and accessories such as headset bags and maintenance kits to keep your equiment safe & secure.

Headsets & Accessories

Tactical headsets & accessories, used by soliders, security, emergency seevices & more. CC Military headsets, subtle covert communications, heavy duty easy to access PTT’s & RSM’s suited to fit a wide range of two way radios.

Communications Earpieces

Discover wireless or wired communication solutions, bespoke or out of the box options available. The communication solutions we offer are used in all over the world overcoming many different challenges and obstacles enabling groups & teams to communicate clearly.

Tactical Helmets

Tactical Helmets

Explore our selection of ballistic and tactical helmets, engineered to meet the highest safety standards. Whether you’re a military professional, law enforcement officer, or a discerning individual seeking superior head protection, shop now for unmatched quality and safety.