Wireless Communications

Whether you require a Bluetooth headset with a noise reduction rating, a full-duplex Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) intercom or an IP/WLAN (WIFI) wireless communication network, we have a range of Hands-free communication systems to suit your industry sector.


2talk Wireless Bluetooth (hands-free) intercom is a simple solution for two workers to talk whilst working machinery, giving the operator total freedom.

SWATCOM Multicom

The SWATCOM MULTICOM is an easy to use full-duplex, hands-free multi-user wireless system, that allows full natural conversation between workers.


Hands Free Full-Duplex, lightweight, compact radio communication systems, without base or relay, on an encoded network, this is the simplest mobile voice-coms available.

Sonetics DECT Intercom

With the Sonetics’ Apex wireless solution you have the ability to setup a multi-user wireless communication system virtually anywhere, including the ability to communicate between different teams.

Flightcom Aviation Intercom

Flightcom is a secure wireless team communication to improve the efficiency, productivity and safety in aviation pushback and towing, de-icing, and maintenance operations.