Wireless communications

We offer an extensive range of wireless communications solutions varying from two to ten person systems. Our wireless products can function at ranges from 200m up to 2km. All of our products are full duplex, rather than using a Press to talk switch like a traditional 2-way radio. We also offer a number of heavy duty bluetooth headsets that can easily be paired with your mobile phone, selected 2-way radios and our swatcom DX handsets. Ensuring that you can stay in constant communications even in high noise areas, protect your hearing and work without the inconvenience of wires obstructing you.

SWATCOM 2talk Wireless Communications


2talk Wireless Bluetooth (hands-free) intercoms are a simple solution for two workers to talk whilst working machinery. Giving the operator total freedom and protection, simply pair the two headsets and work as normal.

SWATCOM DX Wireless Handset


A Hands Free Full-Duplex, lightweight, compact wireless communications system. Work without a base or relay, on an encoded network, this is the simplest mobile voice-coms available. Supports up to 10 users at a range of up to 2km.

Swatcom Multicom2 Wireless handset

SWATCOM Multicom

The SWATCOM MULTICOM is an easy to use full-duplex, hands-free, multi-user wireless communications system. Supports full natural conversations between up to 8 users at a range of up to 600m.

Sonetics DECT Intercom

Sonetics DECT Intercom

With the Sonetics’ Apex wireless solution you have the ability to setup a multi-user wireless communication system virtually anywhere. Including the ability to communicate between different teams.

Flightcom Aviation Intercom

Flightcom Aviation Intercom

Flightcom is a secure wireless team communication solution to improve the efficiency, productivity and safety in aviation pushback and towing, de-icing, and maintenance operations.

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth Headsets

Go wireless with our selection of bluetooth active listening headsets. Our bluetooth headsets offer excellent levels of hearing protection and high quality noise cancelling microphones.

Sena Wireless Communications

Sena Bluetooth

We offer heavy duty and lightweight Sena Bluetooth headsets as well as the SR10 Two-way Radio adaptor. Simple reliable wireless communications.

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