Safety Glasses

Our extensive range of eye protection offers the user premier levels of protection in the hardest working environments. Choose between our range of UV protected, anti-scratch and anti-mist glasses. We offer both out of the box safety glasses from premium manufacturers Bolle and MSA as well as custom prescription safety glasses from Hawkeye.

Eyepod Eyewear

As opticians with over 30 years experience, EYEPOD recognised the need for a range of prescription eyewear which can be worn when enjoying sporting activities. We have designed and developed a range of sports glasses which are not only fashionable but give clarity of vision in all light conditions whilst keeping the user protected against hazards.

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MSA Safety Glasses

Years of experience, state-of-the-art materials and design technology make MSA eyewear the last word in robustness, style, comfort and fit. MSA eyewear helps the wearer to comply with demanding labour safety regulations, ensures wearer acceptance and prevents eye injuries caused by mechanical, chemical or radiation hazardsthat exist in countless working environments.

Bolle Eye Protection

Present in all sectors (construction, industry, automotive, mining, offshore, oil & gas, power industry, food industry and pharmaceutical), Bollé Safety offers customised protection and tailor made solutions. For each risk, Bollé glasses provide tangible technological and effective protection adapted to suit your profession.

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