Sena Mesh

Sena Mesh products facilitate seamless group communication using innovative self-healing Mesh technology with up to 1.1km in range. Our Sena Mesh range includes On-ear and Over-ear headsets, as well as the Red and Blue MeshPorts which allow Sena Bluetooth headsets and smartphones to join the network.

Sena Mesh Ear Defenders being worn at work

About Sena Mesh

With Sena Mesh, teams can communicate with ease, whether they’re working on a construction site, managing events, or coordinating logistics.

The self-healing mesh network creates a robust communication infrastructure, allowing team members to stay connected even in challenging environments or large workspaces.

Sena Mesh keeps everyone on the same page, enhancing collaboration and boosting efficiency.

Reliable Performance, Professional Grade

Sena Mesh products are built to withstand the rigors of professional use, with rugged construction and advanced features designed for reliability and durability.

From advanced noise control technology to long-lasting battery life, Sena Mesh devices deliver professional-grade performance you can depend on, day in and day out.

Sena Wireless Communication Network Example

The diagram below should give you a good idea about how the Sena communication network can be built and expanded upon, with the inclusion of Bluetooth devices such as Sena Bluetooth headsets, General Bluetooth headsets, and Smartphones. This system makes the Sena range highly scalable, future-proof and adaptable.

Sena Mesh Connection Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sena Mesh technology, and how does it work?

Sena Mesh technology is an advanced communication system designed for professional outdoor group activities. It creates a self-healing network where devices can seamlessly communicate with each other, even in challenging environments or when users are on the move. Each device acts as a node in the mesh network, ensuring reliable connectivity without the need for manual pairing.

What are the advantages of Sena Mesh over traditional Bluetooth communication systems?

Sena Mesh offers several benefits compared to traditional Bluetooth systems, including extended range, improved connectivity in dynamic environments, and the ability to connect with a larger number of users without sacrificing performance. Additionally, Sena Mesh devices automatically optimize their connections, providing a hassle-free user experience.

Can I use Sena Mesh products with devices from other brands?

While Sena Mesh products are optimised for use with other Sena devices, they also support Bluetooth connectivity with the headsets of other brands by using Sena Meshports.