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SENA MeshPort Blue

£178.80 (incl. VAT)

Upgrade non-Sena Industrial brand Bluetooth headsets such as AirPods or Google Pixel buds with Mesh Intercom capabilities with Sena’s MeshPort Blue Adapters. Start communicating immediately with Sena Industrial Mesh headsets too such as Tufftalk M or other brands of Mesh.

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Communications in today’s industrial work settings or outdoor worksites have always been hampered by noise levels, distance between workers and limitations of traditional communications technology. But, now there is something even more important — safety. Two-way radios and walkie talkie communication devices are limited in today’s dynamic workplace where teams need to collaborate closely and operate efficiently in a hands-free and untethered fashion. And, unfortunately, new social distancing guidelines in the workplace are adding even more to the challenge, particularly from a safety standpoint. Needed today are communications solutions designed for all kinds of work environments whether small or large work groups working in noisy or placid settings. Sena offers the latest communications solutions using Bluetooth intercom technology that offers greater flexibility for small group communications or Mesh networking technology for larger, more distant, demanding work groups. Easy to implement and easy to use, Sena’s industrial solutions can be configured to offer the right solution for the task at hand in any size group or setting while making workers safer.


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