The Gecko Safety Helmets are the result of many years’ continuous research & development into head protection and element exposure. Working with both rescue & emergency organisations, the result is versatile head protection adaptable to meet the needs of both emergency rescue services and extreme sport enthusiasts.


The Gecko Head Gear range and can be used in a wide range of marine scenarios from sailing to rescue situations. Designed for and excelled in industries such as the RNLI, Royal Air Force, Police and MOD.


We offer easy-to-fit communication devices that do not impede or alter the design or safety features of the Gecko Helmet. Our communications fit comfortably into the helmet mounts and provide excellent audio sound quality.

Marine Radios

Marine Radios are used to communicate from ship to shore and ship to ship with ease and with simple canalization and frequency shift. Whether working for the maritime rescue organisations or simply for personal use.


We offer Accessories such as Visors, Cameras, Fleeces & more.
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