ICOM IP-M60 Marine VHF/LTE Hybrid Radio

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The IP-M60 is the world’s first hybrid IP transceiver. Combining two modes in one, VHF marine and LTE communications. VHF marine transceiver, which is commonly used worldwide as a means of maritime safety, and a land-based LTE transceiver that can be used to make calls over any distance within a cellular (LTE) coverage area.

The IP-M60 can be used offshore, in ports, rivers, and canals where maritime and business communications are required. It can be used in situations such as rescue boats that need to coordinate with search and rescue agencies, as well as in the operation of yacht racing events.


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Four Operating Modes

Cellular (LTE) Mode

In Cellular mode, communication is through the carrier’s LTE (or 3G). Calls can be made anywhere within the carrier’s coverage area. In addition, Simultaneous TalkListen™ provides full-duplex communication in Cellular mode allowing users to talk and listen at the same time like a telephone conversation.

Marine Mode

This mode works as a VHF marine radio that has the same functions and performance as conventional VHF marine radios, such as Icom IC-M25 or IC-M25EURO. VHF Marine is used to ensure the safety of marine traffic between vessels or vessel-to-coast stations.

Cellular (LTE) + Marine Mode

Cellular and Marine modes can be used simultaneously (simultaneous reception is possible and audio is MIXED.) PTT buttons for Main and Sub-mode make it possible to select the communication mode assigned to each with one touch. The communication mode can be selected quickly without having to switch modes. Simultaneous transmission on both channels is possible by pressing the PTT buttons for the Main and Submode at the same time.

Relay Mode — Transfers Received Audio to Another Mode

The Relay Mode transfers received marine audio to the IP radio group, vice versa. When the IP-M60 is used in the Relay Mode, no received voice is heard from the speaker.

 The Relay function may be prohibited in some countries.


Common Features for the Cellular (LTE) + Marine Mode

Bluetooth® Technology Enables Wireless Operation

The built-in Bluetooth® unit provides a wireless connection between the IP-M60 and an optional Bluetooth® headset. It also has a VOX function that enables automatic voice transmission in response to your voice, allowing hands-free operation.

1500 mW Speaker Output, Provide Clear Loud Audio

Icom’s custom high-power capacity speaker delivers a loud 1500 mW audio output with advanced acoustic sound clarity for noisy environments.


MIL-STD-810 and IP67 Specifications

The IP-M60 is tested to U.S. Military standard environmental tests and dust-tight and waterproof rating of IP67*. It can be used with peace of mind on decks exposed to rain or splashing water, or in dusty conditions such as during ship repairs.

AquaQuake Draining Functions

Icom’s unique AquaQuake™ function emits a buzzing sound, shedding water from the speaker grill. The IP-M60 provides clear sound even if it gets wet from rain or waves.

Other Features

  • Noise Canceling function reduces background noise from transmitting voice
  • The Automatic Firmware Update and Provisioning function works through an LTE connection

Cellular (LTE) Mode Functions

Emergency Call Functions*

Simply by pushing the Emergency button, an emergency call can be made with an audible warning to a pre-defined destination. In addition to pressing the Emergency button, the Emergency call can be triggered by the Man Down, Lone Worker, and Motion/Stationary functions.

Emergency call functions work in the Cellular mode.

Status Function Posts the Current Status

Current Status information such as “Break”, “Working” and “Meeting” can be posted and referenced from other radios. In addition, predefined short message (up to 32 characters) can be sent to the talkgroup.

Vibration Alert Function Notifies You of an Incoming Call

The Vibration Alert function notifies the user that a call or text message is received with a strong vibration. This function can be configured for individual calls, group calls, all calls, or only when receiving text data, depending on how it is used.


Last Four Minutes Recording*

The IP-M60 has a recording and playback function, so that if you miss something, you can listen to it again immediately.

 Maximum recording: 4 minutes or 10 recordings.


Other Features

  • Priority call with high priority authority
  • Dual SIM capability to install two SIM cards at the same time
  • One Touch PTT function keeps transmitting while you are talking
  • Address book for storing talkgroup IDs


Marine Mode Functions

Dedicated Channel 16 Button

Channel 16 is the international Distress, Emergency and Calling channel. Push the Channel 16 button to monitor the channel.


Dualwatch and Tri-Watch Functions

For example, it is convenient for use in a yacht race, when race announcements are made on a designated channel, while you are monitoring Channel 16 and using other channel.


Other Features

  • Favorite channel scan, Priority channel scan and Auto Scan Start functions
  • Weather channel receiver with a Weather Alert function*

 Depending on the transceiver version.


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