The SWATCOM DX is a radio conferencing hand-free system (range approx. 1.3mi) for hostile & noisy environments or confined spaces.

SWATCOM DX Handset / Transceiver 

  • RANGE : Up to 300 m
  • CHANNELS : 4
  • SAFETY (LWP) : Option

SWATCOM DX EX Handset / Transceiver

  • RANGE : Up to 2000 m
  • CHANNELS : 16/19 depends on country
  • SAFETY (LWP) : Option

SWATCOM DX LR Handset / Transceiver

  • RANGE : Up to 2000 m
  • CHANNELS : 16/19 depends on country
  • SAFETY (LWP) : Option

The SWATCOM DX is the worlds most advanced wireless tactical field communication device: It provides a full duplex and long-range solution for all teams in hostile, noisy or confined environments.

It improves users safety thanks to its new features: LWP (Lone Worker Protection) with voice alert, no fixed nor mobile base (SyncAll patent), identification and voice alert of connected users (SafeLine patent), Pager button, etc…

Ultra-compact, lightweight and rugged. The SWATCOM DX is easy to use and operate: simply press the power button and you’re ready to communicate, hands-free, on a secure, powerful and coded network. The SWATCOM DX allows a natural conversation in the team despite physical obstacles (walls, floors, etc.), and personal protective equipment.

The SWATCOM DX fits multiple Audio Headsets and eliminates ambient noise to focus on the mission.

The SWATCOM DX Transceiver

The SWATCOM DX is a long-range wireless intercom that meets the requirements of all professionals and adapts to all teams: from 2 to 10 people … or more! Bluetooth connectivity, light weight, robustness and ease of use make the SWATCOM DX the professional product. The SWATCOM DX offers a natural conversation despite obstacles (walls, floors, etc.), noise and the wearing of protective equipment. Learn more about which applications the SWATCOM DX excels in below:


The SWATCOM DX is a tactical field communication device which can be connected to the vehicle intercom without any fixed installation. Its special features (immobility detection, Safeline) enhance the team’s safety.

  • Ideal for Embarking/disembarking, hoist operations and tactical reconnaissance.


Perfect for airport ground crew, rail workers or dockyard staff. The SWATCOM DX enables the team to communicate for safe and coordinated work despite the ambient noise.


The Full-Duplex system allows team communication, hands-free,  in the most severe situations : industrial cleaning, sanitation, confined spaces, surface coating.

Public Safety

The SWATCOM DX has been designed in collaboration with firefighters to facilitate communication and security in the field : no switching or manipulation required (conference mode), team 2 to 10 people or more with automatic connection to the team …

It is used despite the wearing of the helmet, the mask or the suit, to  communicate naturally and has security functions: voluntary alert, detection of immobility and protection of the isolated worker ( PTI ).


The SWATCOM DX allows team members to progress freely by keeping hands-free/efficient communication for work at heights or rescue. They can also communicate with the vehicle by connecting a SWATCOM DX to the on-board intercom.


Compact and discreet, the SWATCOM DX is the reference equipment for secure hands-free communication.