These headsets can all be connected to the SWATCOM DX Handset, we have heavy duty, lightweight and helmet attachment options available.

Heavy Duty Headsets

Reliable hearing protection for high noise environments, each set includes a noise cancelling microphone to ensure maximum clarity when talking regardless of the background noise level. These headsets can all be used with the SWATCOM DX Handset.

Lightweight Headsets

Lightweight, unobtrusive and easy to use, our range of lightweight headsets are all equipped with a noise cancelling microphone that ensures crystal clear communications while you work. These sets can all be used with the SWATCOM DX Handset.

Helmet Attachment Headsets

Maintain communications whilst staying protected with our A-Kabel Helmet attach headset. This enables the user easily clip the earmuffs onto the side of their hardhat, enabling them maintain constant communications in potentially dangerous environments. 

Bluetooth Headsets

Get completely hands free wireless communications by pairing your SWATCOM DX handset with one of our bluetooth communications headsets. We offer a range of top quality brands including Sordin, Hellberg and Silenta.