Two Way Radio Headsets

Two way radio headsets are a type of communication device that allows users to communicate with each other wirelessly using Two Way Radios.

Radio Model Compatibility

Heavy Duty Headsets

When working in a loud environment where hearing protection and communication are both vital, Heavy Duty Headsets are the way to go.

Lightweight Headsets

When communication is the only requirement, Lightweight Headsets are the perfect choice.

Tactical Team Wearing TC 500 Ballistic Helmet

Tactical Headsets

Made to withstand the rigours of tactical scenarios, our Tactical Headsets will ensure consistent communication when it matters.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are two-way radio headsets?
Two-way radio headsets are communication devices that allow for simultaneous transmission and reception of audio signals. Ideal for use in various sectors such as construction, security, and event management, these headsets offer hands-free, clear communication even in loud or challenging environments.
What are the benefits of using two-way radio headsets?

2 way radio headsets enhance communication efficiency, especially in dynamic environments that require instant, reliable connections. With features like noise cancellation and long-range communication, these headsets ensure clear, uninterrupted exchanges.

Are your two-way radio headsets compatible with all radios?
Our headsets are designed to be compatible with a wide range of two-way radios. However, for the best fit and performance, we recommend checking the compatibility details listed for each headset model on our website.
What is the range of two-way radio headsets?

The range of 2 way radio headsets depends on the specific model and environmental factors. Some models can facilitate communication over several miles. You can find more detailed information on our product pages.

Do I need a license to operate two-way radio headsets?
This depends on the frequency your radios operate on. While some frequencies require a license, others don’t. Always check local laws and regulations to ensure compliance.
Are your headsets suitable for loud environments?

Many of our headsets come with noise-cancellation technology, making them ideal for use in loud settings like construction sites or manufacturing plants.