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Talking Headsets are manufactures and wholesalers providing high quality professional communication solutions. We offer off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions for professional user’s around the world, to enhance their communication and personal safety, in some of the most demanding environments. We support a wide range of trade re-sellers supporting the Two-Way Radio, Hunting and Shooting, Arborist, PPE, Marine Rescue, Utilities, Emergency Services, Aviation, Confined Space, Military and Security Industries. We also work closely with high profile end users to manufacture customized communications solutions to meet their individual needs.

Our core solutions include: Wireless hands-free full duplex, Head and Hearing Protection, ATEX Radios and headsets, Two-way Radio accessories, Specialist head protection and communications.

Talking Headsets manufacture the “SWATCOM“, “OMEGA” and “RADIALL” product brands, work closely with exclusive OEM manufacturing partners and are exclusive wholesalers and approved service centres for most of the products we distribute around the world (see “Our Brands”).

Talking Headsets have been trading since April 2000 and have a collective knowledge base within our company of over 125 years in the personal communications and safety industries.

MSA – Europe’s No.1 Distributor & approved Service Centre.

A-KABEL – Importers/Global Distributors & Approved Service Centre

Rock Helmets – UK Importers/Distributors

Gecko Headgear – Headset & Communications Manufacturing Partner & Helmet Distributors

SWATCOM – Manufacturers and Global Distributors

Endura – European Importers/Distributors & Approved Service Centre

Hellberg – UK Importers/Distributors & Approved Service Centre

Omega – Manufacturers/Distributors

Savox – UK Importers/Distributors

2Talk – Global Importers/Distributors & Approved Service Centre

Icom – UK Distributors

Peli – UK Distributors

Sonetics – European Importers/Distributors & Approved Service Centre

Flightcom – European Importers/Distributors & Approved Service Centre

Impact – European Importers/Distributors & Approved Service Centre

Balance AC – UK Distributors

Invisio –  UK Distributors

Jatronic – UK Distributors


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Email: info@talkingheadsets.co.uk

Head Office: +44 (0)1243 375708

Fax: +44 (0)1243 374593