Sordin Supreme T2

A monumental leap forward in the world of tactical headsets, the Supreme T2 is launching in 2024. Sign-up to a stock notification for this innovative headset today!


Mix & Match Sena Mesh products to create the perfect full-duplex communcation network with unlimited users and unmatched audio quality.

Hellberg Local 2

Do it all with the Hellberg Local 2 – A Headset packed with features including 446 Radio Communication, Bluetooth Connectivity and Active Listening Technology.

About Talking Headsets

Founded in April 2000, Talking Headsets has been sourcing and supplying industry leading professional equipment.

Our headset range includes Two Way Radio Headsets, Bluetooth Ear Defenders, Hard Hat Ear Defenders and Radio Ear Defenders.

We support a huge range of industries with our product range, some of which can be seen below.


Two Way Radio

Hearing Protection

Safety Equipment



Fire & Rescue




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