Top 5 Best Bluetooth Ear Defenders

May 31, 2024 | Hearing Protection

When it comes to working in noisy environments, having the right ear protection is crucial. For manual laborers like builders or arborists, who are constantly exposed to loud machinery and construction noise, a good pair of Bluetooth ear defenders can make all the difference. Not only do they provide essential hearing protection, but they also offer the convenience of wireless connectivity, allowing you to listen to music or take calls without compromising safety.

But with so many options available, how do you choose the best Bluetooth ear defenders for your needs? Here are some key aspects to consider:

Signal-to-noise Ratio (SNR)

The Signal-to-noise Ratio (SNR) is a measure of how effective ear defenders are at reducing noise. For noisy work environments, you’ll want a pair with a high SNR to ensure maximum protection.

Comfort and Fit

Comfort is very important, especially when you need to wear ear defenders for long periods. Look for models with adjustable headbands, cushioned ear cups, and lightweight materials to ensure a snug and comfortable fit throughout your workday.

Battery Life

Bluetooth ear defenders rely on battery power for wireless functionality. A long battery life is essential to avoid frequent recharges during your shifts. Opt for models that offer extended battery performance to keep you going all day long.

Bluetooth Connectivity and Range

Reliable Bluetooth connectivity is a must for seamless audio streaming and communication. Check for the latest Bluetooth versions and ensure the ear defenders have a good connectivity range, allowing you to move freely without losing connection.

Durability and Build Quality

Look for models with high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of daily use, including resistance to dust, moisture, and impacts. By considering these factors, you can find the perfect pair of Bluetooth ear defenders that not only protect your hearing but also enhance your work experience with added convenience and comfort.

Keeping those aspects in mind, lets review our picks for the Top 5 Best Bluetooth Ear Defenders.

1. Sena Tufftalk Lite

Cost: £225
SNR: 28
Key Features: Bluetooth Communication, Bluetooth Connectivity, FM Radio

The Sena Tufftalk Lite offers more than just smartphone connectivity due to it’s ability to connect to 3 other Sena Bluetooth headsets for full-duplex communication, all whilst providing a respectable amount of hearing protection with an SNR of 28. The Tufftalk Lite also has an FM Radio feature.

2. Sordin Sharp

Sordin Sharp Bluetooth Ear Defenders

Cost: £285
SNR: 29
Key Features: Bluetooth Connectivity, FM Radio, Gel Earseals, Active Listening

Used worldwide, the Sordin Sharp is a popular choice among professionals due to it’s comfort, build quality and features. Like the Tufftalk Lite, the Sordin Sharp also features an FM Radio. What sets the Sharp apart is the Active Listening technology, which allows the wearer to hear their surroundings via audio recreation, enhancing safety and awareness. The Gel Earseals offer more comfort than the standard foam you would typically see on a set of ear defenders.

3. Hellberg Xstream LD

Cost: £177
SNR: 29
Key Features: Bluetooth Connectivity, Active Listening, Waterproof to IPX4

As the most cost effective option in our list, the Hellberg Xstream LD condenses all of the most important features for a Bluetooth Ear Defender into an affordable, easy to use headset. Like the Sordin Sharp, the Xstream LD also features Active Listening technology, but does not include an FM radio or Gel Earseals. What the Xstream LD does have however, is a Waterproof to IPX4 rating, making it a great option for those working in rougher weather.

4. Sena Cast

Cost: £600
SNR: 34
Key Features: Mesh Communication, Bluetooth Connectivity, Active Listening

That brings us onto the most expensive Bluetooth Ear Defender option, the Sena Cast. What sets this headset apart from the others is it’s innovative Mesh communication technology that allows a seemingly unlimited number of mesh enabled Sena devices to be part of a vast self-healing, full-duplex communication network. What’s more, the level of hearing protection offered by the Cast is a hefty SNR 34, which is most offered by any headset on this list.

5. SWATCOM Active8


Cost: £300
SNR: 26
Key Features: Bluetooth Connectivity (with Bluetooth Neckloop), Active Listening, Gel Earseals, Water Resistant

So it’s important to mention, the SWATCOM Active8 alone is not a Bluetooth Ear Defender. However, by combining the Active8 with the SWATCOM Bluetooth Neckloop and their SC37 Fleximic, it becomes a mil-spec ear defender with full Bluetooth functionality. Why go to all this effort instead of one of the out of the box solutions above? The Active8 being a military spec electronic ear defender is built to last and is water resistant, meaning it will last for years. In addition to that, it features the best active listening feature on the marketing, with some owners of the Active8 describing it as “super hearing”.