Sena Bluetooth

Sena Bluetooth products provide a seamless and easy to use communication solution, ideal for groups of up to 4 people. By using Sena Meshports, Sena Bluetooth products can join a network with Sena Mesh devices.

Sena Bluetooth Headsets

Create a network of up to 4 people in full-duplex communication with the following on-ear and over-ear headset options

Sena Meshports

Connect Bluetooth devices including the above headsets and smartphones to a Sena Mesh network by using Meshports

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Sena Bluetooth

About Sena Bluetooth

Maximize collaboration with our Sena Bluetooth communication systems, ideal for teams working in dynamic settings. Whether you’re coordinating on-site projects or managing outdoor teams, these systems enable seamless communication.

Built to last

As a premium manufacturer and industry leading brand, Sena spares no expense when it comes to the quality and build of their Bluetooth products. This makes them ideal for the professional outdoor usage that they were designed for.


Through the usage of Meshports, Sena Bluetooth headsets can join a larger Mesh network with ease, making the whole Sena range a great choice if you’re seeking a future-proof communcations solution.