Ear Defenders

Our extensive range of ear defenders has something perfect for everyone with products featuring active listening, fm radio and Bluetooth connectivity in both headband and helmet mount styles.

Sena Mesh Ear Defenders

Passive Ear Defenders

The most cost-effective ear defender option available, passive ear defenders offer no compromise in hearing protection.

Sordin Sharp Bluetooth Ear Defenders

Electronic Ear Defenders

Need to stay completely aware of your surroundings whilst retaining complete hearing protection? Electronic Ear Defenders are the way to go.

Sena Mesh headset being worn

Bluetooth Ear Defenders

Connect your ear defenders to your smartphone to take calls and listen to music, whilst your hearing is being protected. Typically includes a microphone.

Sena Mesh Ear Defenders

Hard Hat Ear Defenders

We offer an extensive range of ear defenders that are designed to be mounted onto a hard hat or safety helmet. We also have a hard hat combo builder.

Sena Bluetooth Ear Defenders

Radio Ear Defenders

Featuring a built in radio, radio ear defenders allow you to tune into your favourite stations whilst working, whilst your hearing is fully protected.

Sena Mesh headset being worn

Ear Defenders for Kids

With a large degree of adjustability, our ear defenders for kids are designed to provide the hearing protection their sensitive hearing requires.

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