Throat Microphones

Typically used in military environments, Throat microphones allow for communication in noisy environments.

When the wearer speaks, the throat microphone picks up the vibrations of their vocal cords, which are then transmitted to the radio via a cable or wireless connection.

It’s this innovative technology that makes throat microphones ideal for use in combat scenarios where gunfire and other loud sporadic sounds are present.

Throat Microphone FAQs

What is a throat microphone?

A throat microphone, also known as a laryngophone, is a type of audio device that picks up sound directly from the user’s throat vibrations. This type of microphone is commonly used in high-noise environments where conventional microphones would fail to capture clear audio.

How does a throat microphone work?

A throat microphone captures voice directly through sensors that rest against the user’s throat. These sensors pick up the vibrations created by the vocal cords when a person speaks, bypassing any external noise.

Who typically uses throat microphones?

Throat microphones are often used by military personnel, first responders, motorcycle riders, skydivers, and other individuals who need to communicate in loud environments.

Can I use a throat microphone with any two-way radio?
Yes, our range of throat microphones are designed to be compatible with a variety of two-way radios. However, it’s always best to check the product description or contact our customer support to ensure compatibility with your specific model. Check our radio plug chart for guidance.
Is a throat microphone comfortable to wear for extended periods?

While comfort can vary from person to person, most throat microphones are designed to be lightweight and adjustable for extended wear. Some models also come with earpieces for additional comfort.

Can I use a throat microphone for voice recording?
Yes, throat microphones can be used for voice recording. However, keep in mind that they are primarily designed to capture clear speech in noisy environments, so the audio quality may differ from a studio recording microphone.
Do I need any special equipment to connect the throat microphone to my radio?

Most throat microphones can be directly connected to your two-way radio without the need for additional equipment. However, some specific models may require adapters. Contact our specialist team for guidance and clarification.