Sordin Supreme Headsets

Sordin Supreme headsets are amongst the most widely used and respected shooting headsets in the world. The Supreme range includes the Basic, the Pro IV and the Pro-X, covering the requirments of every shooter from beginner through to elite level. Manufactured in Sweden, Sordins exceptional build quality offers users a long term “active” hearing protection solution. Sordin Supremes look and sound great, are built to last and can be depended on in all environments.

Sordin Supreme Basic

Supreme Basic

The Supreme Basic is the entry level electronic ear muff. It is designed with standard electronics and offers a maximum 1:1 sound reproduction (no amplification of low sounds).

Sordin Supreme Pro IV

Supreme Pro IV

Supreme Pro IV electronic ear muffs protect you from hazardous noise while ambient sound is detected by two microphones mounted on the outside of each cup. Available in black or green.

Sordin Supreme Pro-X

Supreme Pro-X

The Supreme Pro-X ear muff combines optimum protection with high amplification, AUX input and waterproof battery compartment. It is available in a number of colours

Sordin Supreme Pro-IV Neckband

Pro IV Neckband

By wearing A Supreme Pro you can communicate face-to-face with other people whilst also hearing commands and instructions without removing the hearing protector, even when others are shooting.  The neckband enables you to wear a cap or hat while shooting.

Sordin Supreme Pro-X Neckband

Pro-X Neckband

The Supreme Pro X Neckband are hearing protectors that reproduce a natural and realistic sound. You should have perfect locational hearing without any disturbing noise. Superb sound quality and high amplification actually let you hear better when wearing our hearing protection.

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