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Sordin Supreme T2 Tactical Hearing Protection

For more than 25 years, Sordin Supreme has been a benchmark in tactical hearing protection, favored by tactical professionals worldwide for its capabilities and robustness. Now we are writing the next chapter with the new Sordin Supreme T2™.

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T2 is more than an evolutionary step in the history of Sordin Supreme. It is a giant leap in the advancement of an already legendary MIL-classified headset brand. A new and innovative way of integrating tactical hearing protection and team communications.

With T2, Sordin created a completely new product with an ambition no smaller than perfection. Every component, material and software code line have been improved, promising to deliver even better on traditional Sordin values such as problem-free operation and long lifetime.

The new modular design platform, SordinFLEX©, which T2 is based on, enables Sordin to combine components into even more models – while offering users a possibility to modify their headset depending on the tactical situation or on their individual needs.

Sordin Supreme T2 Brochure

Sordin Tactical 2024 Brochure