A versatile and robust system that can be used in a number of different ways to provide you with a communications solution tailored to your requirements. The SWATCOM DX is available in three different variations:

SWATCOM DX Handset / Transceiver

The standard handset has a range of up to 300 meters and can broadcast on 4 secure channels.

  • RANGE : Up to 300 m
  • CHANNELS : 4
  • SAFETY (LWP) : Option

SWATCOM DX LR Handset / Transceiver

The DX LR handset has a range of up to 2000 meters and can broadcast on up to 32 secure channels. It also features a Bluetooth option that enables you to connect a second headset OR a cell phone on the same radio! The DX LR also can be charged while communicating, solving the “what’s the battery life?” problem!

  • RANGE : Up to 2000 m
  • CHANNELS : 16/19 depends on country
  • SAFETY (LWP) : Option

SWATCOM DX EX Handset / Transceiver

The ATEX variant of the DX LR is certified as safe to use in potentially explosive environments.

  • RANGE : Up to 2000 m
  • CHANNELS : 16/19 depends on country
  • SAFETY (LWP) : Option

Conference Mode (Full-Duplex)

SWATCOM’s patented wireless conference mode technology allows communication in a natural way: no need to depress any button and wait your turn to talk. The digitally coded network is deployed at the touch of a button: The SWATCOM DX automatically identifies the other members and starts the conference.


Professionals in confined spaces and hazardous enviroments, or those who simply need to keep their hands free to accomplish their missions do not always have a simple means to communicate. The SWATCOM DX operates in “Hands-free” mode allowing professionals to focus on their mission, ensure safety & proceed efficiently.

Safer and User Friendly

SWATCOM introduces simplicty in the use of advanced technologies: from a single button, it allows a natural conversation in a few seconds and also includes security features such as the voluntary “Pager” alert, immobility detection with voice alert to the team, and a “SafeLine” function to know in real time who is “in the loop”

Network Extension

Connect The SWATCOM DX (via Bluetoith or wire) to any communcation device to extend the range or share the conversation.