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Gecko MK11 Open Face Marine Safety Helmet

£209.00 (Ex. VAT)

Gecko Head Gear first developed the open face marine safety helmet for the RNLI to fill a gap in the market for a lightweight, high-performance helmet that is suitable for use in marine environments. For twenty years the RNLI have continued to use this helmet and have helped to refine the design. Today, the Gecko open face helmet is used by numerous organisations worldwide including the Royal Air Force, Police and MOD. It meets BSI marine safety helmet standard PAS 028:2002.

Designed from the water up, the Open Face has been completely designed to work perfectly in a marine environment using 25 years of feedback from users.

The open face marine safety helmet is compatible with a variety of accessories including visors, goggles and comms. The helmet has two side inserts that take grips to hold equipment such as a camera or flashlight. Please note that ear defenders cannot be worn with this helmet, so please see our cut away model if this is one of your requirements.

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About the Gecko MK11 Open Face Marine Safety Helmet:

The open face design offers full peripheral vision with its wide aperture while protecting the sides and back of the head.
The grooves along the helmet are designed to increase the strength to weight ratio of the ABS shell. It also allows water to run off the back of the helmet to keep vision clear.
The patented inflatable liner is an integral part of the helmet design; through an oral valve, the liner has the ability to inflate or deflate to create a perfect fit every time.
This offers an inherent buoyancy to the user, and if overboard and rising up to the surface will position user to rise with the helmet to take any impacts.
The neck is cut high to allow users full motion of their head to look all around them including above them in case of a helicopter rescue.
This also allows for life jackets and buoyancy aids to be used and not push the helmet up from the back and obscure user vision.


  • Size:
    Small – 52-55cm
    Regular – 56cm–63cm
    Large – 63cm – 65cm
  • Weight: 670grams


  • Mountaineering Helmet EN 12492
  • Eye Protection BS4110 with visor
  • Ear Defence EN352-2 with ear plugs

EU Tariff code: 6506101000