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VoCoVo Link

£700.00 (Ex. VAT)

VoCoVo Link is a wireless plug-and-play team communication headset system for up to 8 users. VoCoVo Link is designed specifically for customer-facing teams, and keeps colleagues connected via stylish and lightweight communication headsets.

VoCoVo Link standard package, includes 4 x VoCoVo S5e Headsets, 4 x VoCoVo S5e Headbands, 1 x Charger Rack and Hub (includes power supply)

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By keeping colleagues connected, VoCoVo Link helps small teams to be more productive than ever before. Link’s wireless Push-to-Talk Headsets have an approximate range of up to 100m, ensuring that team members can relay important information and stay in contact regardless of where they are on the premises.

VoCoVo Link is ready to use out-of-the box as a 4-user system, and only requires mains power. Two 4-user systems can also be attached together to connect up to 8 users.