2-Way Radio Accessories

We have a large range of noise-cancelling, heavy duty or semi covert headsets, radio earpieces, remote speaker mics and Press-to-Talk (PTT) switches for your Two-way PMR or DMR radio whether for marine or land-based use.


We have a large range of Noise-cancelling, heavy duty, lightweight or MSA CC Supreme headsets compatible with many different radio models.

Covert Kits & Throat Microphones

Covert/Semi Covert earpiece kits support a range of radios, in-ear communications, cuff microphones and discrete PTTs.

Chargers & Batteries

High quality chargers & batteries for your two-way radio’s with either single or multi radio support. Our chargers are ‘smart’ because they protect your battery life by not over charging it, but also provide automatic re-charging of a battery when the radio remains powered on whilst in the charger.

Press-to-Talk Switches

Press-to-Talk (PTT) switches to enable transmission from a two-way radio, allows quick connection to a wide range of headsets and accessories.

Remote Speakers Microphones

High performance Remote Speaker Mics (RSM’s) offer a rugged, lightweight, cost effective solution which is ideal for industrial and security applications.


RadiAll Workstation is a radio interface that allows the user connect to a ‘mobile’ two-way radio and then select from a wide range communications accessories.