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SWATCOM DX Full-Duplex Communication Handset

£886.00 (Ex. VAT)

  • Modular design for easy Plug and Play operation
  • Coded digital network
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Hands free or PTT options
  • Up to 10 hour battery life
  • ATEX version available

The SWATCOM DX Full-Duplex Communication Handset (SCDX) is a hands-free, full-duplex, lightweight, compact radio communication system. Without base or relay, on a coded network, this is the simplest mobile voicecom which works in a multitude of industry sectors. Users have great freedom to work and communicate in a variety of environments, therefore increasing personal safety and productivity.

Ultra-light and user friendly: essentials for a natural conversation flow

The SWATCOM DX is a wireless “intercom” for professionals, for use in many demanding situations. It’s small, compact rugged design, and ease of use also makes it the product suited to sports professionals and enthusiasts.

SWATCOM DX allows a natural conversation between users despite physical obstacles (walls, floors, etc.), even when wearing protective equipment including SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus).

The SWATCOM DX handset attaches to the headset in similar way to a Press-to-Talk (PTT) switch, but does not have to be operated (i.e. pressing the switch) in order for the user to be heard (i.e. full-duplex), the handsets themselves do not operate as a walkie-talkie.

Three users can be in a full-duplex conference with an infinite number of users that can also listen into the dialogue. The digital coded wireless network is deployed within seconds, on a license-free radio band allowing the use of SWATCOM DX practically everywhere and independently.

SWATCOM DX Full-Duplex Communication Handset, key features:

  • ATEX version available
  • High signal penetration (even through Faraday cage)
  • Modular design for easy ‘Plug and Play’ operation
  • Coded digital network
  • Paging feature
  • Range up to 1 km (1000m line of sight) with ½ wave antenna
  • DSP (Digital Signal Processing)
  • Can be deployed within seconds
  • Internal and external antenna versions
  • Hands-free self-synchronised system (Exclusive Patent)
  • Encryption
  • 3 user conference mode (Full-Duplex) or more (2+X mode)
  • Additional users in ‘LISTEN’ mode
  • Hands free or PTT options
  • Wide range of headsets
  • Up to 10 hour battery life
  • Programmable Alarms - Man Down, Impact, Immobility
  • EU Tariff code: 8517626039


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