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MSA Gallet F1XF Fire Helmet and Accessories

Developed with fire-fighters from around the globe, the MSA Gallet F1 XF Fire Helmet sets the new standard for structural fire-fighting helmets.

Click here to customise your own Gallet F1 XF Along with Headset and PTT (if required). A tailored quote based on your selection will be then be provided via email.

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Developed with firefighters from around the globe, the MSA Gallet F1XF Fire Helmet and Accessories sets the new standard for structural firefighting helmets. It enters a new dimension of protection, functionalities integration, comfort of use and modularity. The configurable design makes the Gallet F1 XF fire helmet the perfect fit for various interventions such as structural and outdoor fires, technical rescue operations and road traffic accidents.

MSA Gallet F1XF Fire Helmet and Accessories, key features:

  • Ergonomic, well balanced design, providing unmatched comfort in all operating conditions
  • 2 helmet sizes ensuring an optimal fit for both small and large head sizes
  • Effective, intuitive and robust adjustment mechanisms, ensuring optimal fit for all user profiles
  • Unique adjustable ocular visor – fitting over prescription glasses while providing gap-free enclosure
  • Comfortable, high-performance face protection with excellent coverage, clear or gold coating
  • Extended thermal and mechanical protection even in extremely hot conditions
  • Fully integrated lighting module with unique distribution of light and weight, supporting work and safe navigation in the dark
Markets: Fire Service, Government, Marine, Oil & Gas, Chemical
Applications: Confined Space, Search & Rescue, Firefighting
  • CE marking according to EU Directive 89/686 for Personal Protective Equipments.
  • Helmet approved to EN 443:2008, type B, including optional requirements.
  • Faceshield approved to EN 14458:2004, Face guard, including optional requirements.
  • Ocular visor approved to EN 14458:2004, Eye guard, including optional requirements.
  • MED/SOLAS approval for use on ships


GA1484 Lighting module, Gallet F1 XF
GA1485D Torch lamp support, Right
GA1485G Torch lamp support, Left
GA1382 Protective bag for helmet
GA1116A Aluminized neck curtain
GA1116B Integral neck curtain
GA1116C Nomex neck curtain
GA1136-xx Retro-reflective stickers, Silver, Yellow, Red
GA010002B3X Headset, Boom Microphone 1 Speaker, Atex, Lemo plug
GA010002B3AX Headset, Boom Microphone 2 Speakers, Atex, Lemo plug
GA010002F3 Headset, Boom Microphone 1 Speaker, Atex, Nexus plug/HandyCom
GA010002F3A Headset, Boom Microphone 2 Speakers, Atex, Nexus plug/HandyCom
GA010002E3X Hearing Protection, Level Dependent, Atex
GA010002D3X Hearing Protection, Boom Microphone, Atex, Lemo plug
GA010002G3B Hearing Protection, Boom Microphone, Atex, Nexus plug
10157059 HandyCom PTT for Motorola Digital (MTP850 FuG, etc.)
10160506 HandyCom PTT for Motorola Analog (GP320, GP680 etc)
10157058 HandyCom PTT for Sepura Digital (STP 9000, etc.)
GA010B142W4X PTT, Micro, EADS TPH700Ex, Atex
GA010314249 PTT, Micro, Motorola GP320 Series, Pincer
GA01031424K PTT, Micro, Motorola DP3000/4000 Series,Pincer
GA01031464Z PTT, Micro, Motorola DP2000 Series, Clip


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MSA Gallet F1 XF Brochure

MSA Gallet F1 XF Features & Benefits

MSA Gallet F1 XF Operating Manual

MSA Gallet F1 XF Techical Specifications