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SWATCOM PTT2000 for use with Multicom

£108.00 (Ex. VAT)

The SWATCOM Multicom PTT2000 switch connects to the SWATCOM Multicom handsets, with a detachable socket for a headset to be compatible.

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The SWATCOM Multicom PTT is required when a partiuclar headset is required for use with the SWATCOM Multicom handsets. The Mil spec PTT is only for use with "Military spec" headsets such as the SORDIN CC Supremes for the SWATCOM Multicom.
SWATCOM PTT2000 Press-to-Talk Switch Key features and benefits:

The SWATCOM PTT2000 PTT switch for the SWATCOM Multicom allows the headset to be removed from the PTT allowing the switch to remain with the Multicom Handset, reducing wear on the radio socket.

  • Headset can be disconnected for PTT
  • Switch can be positioned on lapel or belt to suit individuals need
  • Easy to repair and maintain
  • Tried and tested and widely used in extreme and demanding environments around the world

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