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Savox SEP-100 Neck Loop Microphone System

£204.17£294.17 (Ex. VAT)

The entry-level Savox SEP-100 is a combination of microphone and loop. The loop transmits incoming communication to a Savox RCR earpiece. Through a wire the SEP-100 can be either connected to a radio or mobile phone. If used in a half-duplex environment, it requires a separate wireless PTT button to communicate directly to a Bluetooth enabled radio or mobile phone.

Savox SEP-100 Neck Loop Microphone System, key features:

Quick Start

  • Place the loop around your neck.
  • Attach the loop to your covert carrying solution or tape the loop to your body to avoid shifting during operation.
  • Insert the connector into your mobile communication device.
  • Place the communication device into your pocket or covert carrying solution.
  • Place the earpiece into your ear.
  • EU Tariff code: 8518300000

Key Benefits

  • Covert Rx through interception free neck loop
  • Compatible with Savox RCR earpieces
  • Covert microphone

Additional information

Connector Type

N1 Connector, N1 Connector (Long)


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