PTT3000W Large Push Button 50mm PTT (Waterproof)

£58.35 (Exc VAT)

  • Waterproof
  • Large 50mm push button can be pushed with the palm of your hand
  • Crocodile clip for attaching to your clothing


PTT3000W Large Push Button 50mm PTT (Waterproof) enables the user to transmit by pushing with the palm of the hand instead of having to hold the switch.

PTT3000W Large Push Button 50mm PTT (Waterproof), key features:

  • Crocodile clip for attaching to your clothing
  • Large 50mm PTT button for ease of use
  • Rugged but lightweight
  • Versions to suit most radios
  • Best suited to hard-wiring in headset downlead
  • EU Tariff code: 8544421000


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Press-to-Talk Switches PDF
Press-to-Talk Switches

Additional information

Radio Manufacturer

Hytera, Icom, Kenwood, Motorola, Sepura, Tait, Vertex, PTT Only

Radio Model

Hytera 2 Pin, Hytera PD500, Hytera PD700, Hytera Single Pin, Hytera PD600, Icom 2 Pin, Icom 2 Pin Stereo, Icom 2 Pin Right Angle, Icom 2 Pin Right Angle Stereo, Icom 2 Pin Right Angle Screw, Icom F31/41, Icom F9011, Icom F1000/2000, Icom M35, Icom M73, Kenwood 2 Pin, Kenwood Multipin, Kenwood Single Pin, Moto 2 Pin, Moto MTP850, Moto DP3400/4000, Moto MTH850 Bottom Mount, Moto MTP850 Bootom Mount, Moto SL Range, Moto CLP Series, Moto DP2400, Moto GP340, Moto GP344, Moto GP900, Moto Visar, Moto Talkabout, Moto MTH650/800, Sepura SRP2000, Sepura SRP2000 Screw Fit, Sepura SPR2000 Bottom Mount, Sepura STP8000, Tait TP8100, Tait TP9000, Vertex Single Pin Single Screw, Vertex Single Pin Twin Screw, Vertex VX800, Vertex VX820, PTT Only


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