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Jatronic AB12 PTT

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  • Designed and developed for rough handling in extreme environments
  • IP67 Waterproof
  • Easy to operate, even with gloves on

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The Jatronic AB12 PTT is designed and developed for rough handling in extreme environments.

Years of experience and feedback from users has helped us create the Jatronic AB12 PTT which we believe to be the best adaptor on the market. It is easy to operate, even with gloves on and a rugged clip provides good attachment to clothes. The adaptor can connect to any headset with dynamic microphone and the NEXUS TP120 4-pole jack-plug.


  • Adapter box: Polyamide PA 6
  • Cable: 2619 TPC 19x0.10mm
  • Insulation: ETFE Tetzel
  • Display: Merged TPC
  • Outer: Polyester Elastomer Length: 410 - 810mm
  • Clip: Stainless Steel
  • PCB: Painted
  • Waterproof: IP67
  • Operating Temperature: -20°C to +60°C
  • Size (H x W x D): 72x50x29mm
  • Connection: Nexus TP120 (4-pole)
  • EU Tariff code: 8544421000


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Jatronic Adaptor AB12

Additional information


ATEX Approved, Non-ATEX

Radio Manufacturer

Motorola, Icom, Sailor, Walter Dittel, Sepura, Helikopter

Radio Model

PTT-f/ Motorola Mototrbo DP3441e enhanced Digital, PTT-f/ Motorola Mototrbo DP4000 serie (Tatt over for 38DP), PTT-f/ Icom IC A6 Airband, PTT-f/Icom IC F51V, PTT-f/Icom IC-A16 Airband, PTT-f/Icom IC-A16 Airband Dual PTT, PTT-f/ Walter Dittel FSG4 & FSG8, PTT-f/ Icom M71-73 EURO, PTT-f/Helikopter – Dynamisk & Elektret mic, PTT-f/ Icom IC-A25 Airband, PTT-f/ Icom IC-F1000-2000 Dynamisk mic, PTT-f/ Icom IC-F1000-2000 electret mic, PTT-f/ Sepura STP/SC Series, Dual PTT for Sepura STP9000/SC20 series, Dual PTT for Motorola MTP3xxx/MTP3xxx TETRA, PTT-duplex f/ Motorola MTP850 ATEX, PTT- f/ Motorola Mototrbo DP4xxx ATEX, PTT -(m/ Molex Adapter) f/ Motorola Mototrbo DP4xxx ATEX, PTT- f/ Sepura STP8X ATEX Duplex Enabled, PTT-f/ Motorola GP340/380 ATEX, PTT-f/ Sailor RT62xx Vennligst spesifiser 2,5m/5m