Flightcom FL-602 Wireless Headset (Intercom Only)

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  • Capable of transmitting only to the intercom
  • Programmable microphone gain
  • Liquid-foam ear seals remain comfortable for hours of use
  • SNR: 26dB


Flightcom’s FL-602/602E* wireless headset is as durable and easy to use as a wired headset. Voice reception is crystal clear and there are no communication cords or connectors to become entangled. No flight deck or radio transmission.
*(E) designates models designed to comply with EU standards.


  • 1600-foot line-of-sight range (600m)
  • 1.9GHz DECT6 wireless technology (Europe: 1.8GHz DECT)
  • 26dB hearing protection
  • Capable of transmitting only to the intercom
  • Audible out-of-range warning
  • 24-hour rechargeable battery with 2-hour charge time
  • Audible and visual two-stage low battery warning
  • Energy-saver sleep mode extends battery charge
  • Rotating volume control adjusts to user’s volume preference
  • Flexible microphone boom with slide adjustment for accurate and secure positioning (Microphone is always live for intercom communication only)
  • Noise-cancelling electret microphone ensures optimal clarity
  • Programmable microphone gain adjusts to ambient noise levels
  • Microphone muff improves clarity by reducing wind noise
  • Microphone protected by a layer of waterproof material for outdoor use
  • Liquid-foam ear seals remain comfortable for hours of use
  • IP65 dust and water protection rating for durability


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Flightcom Brochure


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