A-KABEL Ground Mechanic Passive Noise-Cancelling, Headband, TP120 plug

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The A-KABEL Ground Mechanic Passive Noise-Cancelling, Headband, TP120 plug, for connecting, via the correct PTT, to the Aircraft.

A-KABEL Ground Mechanic Passive Noise-Cancelling, Headbands, allow you to use one headset for two separate and very important functions: helping to improve communication and operator versatility and safety. The noise-cancelling boom microphone gives a high perception of speech, by filtering out background noise

  • Easy positioning fully flexible and robust boom microphone.
  • All components can be easily replaced for ease of maintenance
  • Connects to either a PTT2100 Ground Mechanic Lead or a PTT7100 Ground Mechanic Lead press-to-talk switches via the fitted TP120 plug
  • Padded headband with adjustable pressure control and soft ear cushions give high comfort
  • All metal parts are stainless steel for increased durability
  • The headsets are manufactured in modules so every component can be easily replaced
  • All internal electrical components and cables have clip connectors, so are easy to replace
  • All cables are manufactured for long life. The coiled leads are tested for 1,000,000 flexions
  • External cables and connectors have moulded waterproof strain relief’s
  • Spares parts are available from stock for reduced downtime
  • EU Tariff code: 8518300000
Attenuation Data
SNR=27dB H=30dB M=24dB L=17dB


To save the PDF to your computer, right click the link, then choose ’save as‘ or just ’click‘ to open the PDF in a new window.

A-KABEL ATEX PTTs and Headsets PDF
A-KABEL ATEX PTTs and Headsets

A-KABEL AK5850/AK6631 User Guide PDF
A-KABEL AK5850/AK6631 User Guide

A-KABEL AK5850/AK6631 Conformity Declaration PDF
A-KABEL AK5850/AK6631 Conformity Declaration

A-KABEL Walter Airband PDF
A-KABEL Walter Airband


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