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Do I want a Passive or an active headset?

Passive Headsets:

Passive headsets offer simple hearing protection with no thrills. These do not have any electronics and are simply worn over the ears to protect the user. We sell hearing protection that offers up to 36 dB SNR in a number of styles and colours.

Active Listening Headsets:

Active listening headsets use microphones positioned on each of the headsets cups to pick up Sound, compress / filter it and then reproduce it inside the headset to the wearer at a safe volume. Wearing these headsets enables the user to stay protected but retain their situational awareness, meaning that you can wear your headset and have a conversation without any issues.

Why it’s important to wear hearing protection

In all high noise environments it is important to protect yourself. Sustained exposure to noise above 85 decibels can cause permanent hearing problems such as deafness or tinnitus. With the average pistol / rifle shot measured at between 140 – 180 dB shooters are more vulnerable than most to these conditions.

We offer a wide range of hearing protection for hunting and shooting enthusiasts based upon their requirements and budgets, from passive earmuffs to active listening headsets we can help you find what you need. Browse our full range of products below to learn more.

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