Duplex Communications

Duplex communication refers to a telecommunication system that allows the simultaneous exchange of information or data in both directions. It enables two parties to communicate with each other at the same time, much like a typical conversation between two people.

Sena Mesh Ear Defenders

Sena Mesh

Sena’s innovative Mesh technology is self-healing and adaptive facilitating up to 1.1km in full-duplex communication range whilst allowing for up to 24 users.

Sena Bluetooth Ear Defenders

Sena Bluetooth

Sena Bluetooth headsets allow up to 4 users in full-duplex communication and includes both lightweight headsets as well as ear defenders.

Sena Mesh headset being worn

SWATCOM Multicom

SWATCOM’s Multicom devices facilitate full-duplex communication of up to 10 users and works with a broad range of headsets and PTTs.