Covert Kits & Throat Microphones

Discover covert, semi covert kits & throat microphones that can be used with many different radio models, high quality radio earpieces & throat microphones can be integrated in various different ways, to find out the right kit for you please contact us or browse our selection.

Semi Covert

Semi covert kits are ideal for commercial and store security, police and law enforcement, door staff and event security. Our semi covert products are compatible with a wide range of radios and come with a choice of headsets including acoustic tube, D and G shaped earpieces. Unlike a full covert kit, a semi covert kit’s earpiece is visible but subtle.

Full Covert

Full covert kits are designed for deep covert operations, a wide range of earpieces tailored to fit all ear sizes and skin tones enable the user to maintain maximum levels of concealment whilst maintaining constant secure communication with their operations team. Available in a range of style, compatible with various radio models.

Throat Microphones

Throat microphones can be easily combined with our SWATCOM PTT’s and earpieces. Throat mics offer the user a subtle and reliable communications solution in a high noise environment, with the position of the microphone meaning that the user’s speech is easily picked up.

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