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VoCoVo Reach IP20 Repeater

£414.33 (Ex. VAT)

The VoCoVo Repeater provides a simple means to extend the range of the VoCoVo wireless network.

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In standalone systems, the VoCoVo Repeater can provide extended coverage, where a multi-cell installation would normally be required. In “radio black spot areas” where radio coverage is reduced or limited, the VoCoVo Repeater can be added to a VoCoVo system to overcome limitations.

The Repeater when installed within radio range of a VoCoVo Base Unit will extend the coverage area of the VoCoVo network: Up to three VoCoVo Repeaters can be used to extend the range of a single base unit. The Repeaters must be configured in a star formation (all Repeaters in range of the Base Unit), and cannot be used in a daisy-chain configuration.

The VoCoVo Repeater extends the wireless coverage provided by VoCoVo base units. The base unit is at the very centre of VoCoVo’s ecosystem, and integrates seamlessly with all other elements of the VoCoVo product range, transforming business through the magic of voice.

  • Supports all VoCoVo products – extend radio signals for headsets and handsets.
  • Widens your network – connect up to three repeaters per base unit.
  • Easy to power – only requires a mains power source.

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