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SWATCOM ENDURA Rapid single Charger Pods

£14.00£17.00 (Ex. VAT)

  • SWATCOM Endura Charging pods for the TWC1U, TWC1M & the TWC6MU
  • For different makes and models of two-way radios
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SWATCOM ENDURA Charger Pod - for use with SWATCOM ENDURA Rapid Chargers, many different radio models available.

  • EU Tariff code: 8504405590

See Options for radio models.


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Endura Single Pod Rapid Chargers

Additional information

Radio Manufacturer

Hytera, Icom, Kenwood, Motorola, Tait, Vertex

Radio Model

Hytera PD400/500/600/700/900 series, ICOM F3GT/A6/A24/F4/F30/F40, ICOM F15/F25/F34/F43/, ICOM F51/F61/F51V/F61V/M87, ICOM 3002/4002 Li-Ion & LiPo only, ICOM 3002/4002 NiMH only, ICOM F1000/2000 (BP278 / 279, Kenwood TK360/380/260/280, Kenwood TK2140/3160/3360 KNB 55, Kenwood TK2180, Kenwood (KNB12) TGK250/350, Kenwood TK3201/3202 KNB 45, Motorola BPR40 and Mag One, MTRTRBO Low Profile, Motorola CP110/ RDX Series, Motorola P165, Motorola GP340 / DP3441, Motorola CP040, Motorola GP300, Motorola GP900, TAIT TP8100 Series, TAIT TP9100 Series, VERTEX VX160/210/400/420/800, Vertex VX900, VERTEX VX821/824/829, VERTEX VX231/351/354, Vertex Uni Charger