Active Listening Headsets

Active listening hearing protection are Electronic Ear Defenders that provide a high level of hearing protection while still allowing the wearer to hear important sounds in the environment, such as conversations or warning signals.

This can be particularly useful in industrial settings where workers need to communicate with each other or hear alarms. Our range also features hard hat ear defenders with active listening technology.
SWATCOM Active8 Headband and Neckband


The SWATCOM Active8 is a premier product designed to the highest possible specification, with ASIC digital technology to ensure the best sound reproduction of any headset of it’s type around the world. With added features, including being totally submersible (IP67), these headsets meet the demands of the modern Military Soldiers, Police First Responders and Professional Shooters. This quality is further endorsed by a 5 Year manufacturers warranty covering the electronics.

Sordin Supreme Headband and Neckband

Sordin Supreme Range

Level dependent electronic ear muffs protect you from hazardous noise, at the same time as you can listen to surrounding sounds. The ambient sound is detected by two microphones mounted on the outside of each cup and reproduced through speakers inside the ear muffs. The Sordin Supreme range is recognised globally as one of the best personal safety manufacturers on the market with their quality and reliability establishing them a very loyal customer base.


An ultra-slim active hearing protector for use in shooting, leisure and industrial environments. This product was formerly the Deben Slim but is now made by SWATCOM. The ultra-slim line cup is made from ABS plastic and incorporates an easily accessible compartment for the 1.5 volt battery. The independent level-controlled amplifiers in each cup provide enhanced hearing at low sound levels, yet provide substantial protection from both impulse and constant noise levels.

In Ear Headsets

We pride ourselves on being experts in the field of hearing protection, as-well as communications. We are proud to give customers the option to choose between headband, neckband or in ear hearing protection, depending on your shooting style & your idea of being comfortable. Everyone has their own preferences, for this reason our aim is to offer you the most advanced & reliable products on the market to choose from, while keeping options vast & most importantly quality assured.