Is now the time to invest in “Active Listening” Hearing protection?

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With shooting ranges across the country slowly beginning to re-open it is important to remember that additional safety and security measures will be in place for the foreseeable future. For an example of new range rules please see the following documentation from NRA Bisley.

Due to these new regulations now more than ever we think that an “Active Listening” headset will prove to be the must have accessory on all shooting ranges this summer.

Active Hearing protection provides two key functions, primarily it is a hearing protector in the same way that a standard pair of earmuffs are, shielding the ears from the worst of the noise when shooting. The second key function of an active listening headset is that it can effectively filter out the harmful noises of gunfire but it will still pick up lower frequency noises allowing the user to wear their headset and have a natural conversation with another shooter even at a 2 meter distance. 

Now more than ever it’s important that we keep communicating and maintain a heightened awareness of our surroundings to keep both ourselves and others safe. As well as wearing an active listening headset we also offer our SWATCOM Multicom system for teams of shooters. The new Multicom² can enable groups of up to 8 to communicate with each other wirelessly, hands free on an encrypted network at distances of up to 600 meters so it is perfect for the current government guidelines on gatherings of up to 6 people.

Already have an active listening headset? Perfect, we also offer a range of hygiene accessories that you can use with your set in order to stay safe and sanitary whilst out shooting.

We offer a wide range of market leading Active Listening Headsets on our website, for more details please visit our top 10 active listening headsets article to learn more. 

Or to learn more about the SWATCOM Multicom system please click here.

SWATCOM is an official sponsor of the NRA and Team GB rifle team. Visit us on www.swatcom.com to learn more.

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