2-Way Radio Accessories

We have a great selection of Icom 2-way marine and ATEX radios. Our 2-way radio accessories include an extensive range of lightweight, heavy duty, bluetooth and Sordin Supreme headsets, full and semi covert kits and a fantastic choice of RSM’s (Remote speaker microphones) and PTT (Press to talk) switches. As well as our SWATCOM Endura radio charger range.

Icom 2-way radio

Our 2-way radio range include Icom ATEX radios and Icom marine radios, ATEX radios are intrinsically safe and especially designed for use in demanding areas. Our marine radio range are used to communicate from shore to ship or ship to ship easily. They are appropriate for both maritime rescue or personal use.

SWATCOM SC40 Heavy Duty Headset

We have a large range of Noise-cancelling, Heavy Duty, Lightweight, and Sordin CC Supreme 2-Way Radio Headsets. Designed, tried and tested in various environments. All of our headsets are available for different radio models. If you don’t see your radio model listed then please contact us.

Full Covert Earpieces

Our wide range of Covert & semi covert kits cover many different radio models, our high quality radio earpieces & Throat microphones can be integrated in a number of different ways. To find out the right Covert kit for you please contact us or browse our selection.

endura 6 unit radio charger

Our SWATCOM Endura chargers are a simple and reliable solution for charging up to 12 different radios at once. Endura chargers work by inserting charging pods into each port on the charger. The pods come in a selection of options so a user can charge multiple makes and models of radio simultaneously.

Remote Speaker Microphones

High performance Remote Speaker Microphones (RSM’s) offer a rugged, lightweight, cost effective solution which is ideal for industrial and security applications. Our RSM’s come in a variety of styles and offer professionals a simple solution for talking and listening without removing your radio from a case, belt or charger.

We offer a wide range of PTT switches from a selection of manufacturers. Press-to-Talk (PTT) switches to enable transmission from a two-way radio. When the Press-to-Talk is activated, this allows quick connection to a wide range of headsets and accessories. Waterproof and ATEX PTT’s are available.

Radiall workstation

RadiAll Workstations are a mobile radio interface that allow the users to connect to a mobile two-way radio and then select from a wide range of headsets, PTT’s and Gooseneck microphones to suit their requirements, in order to greatly expand the functionality of the radio transceiver.

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