2-Way Radios & Accessories

We offer high quality Marine & ATEX Radios as well as our large range of accessories such as noise-cancelling, heavy duty or semi covert headsets, radio earpieces, remote speaker mics and Press-to-Talk (PTT) switches.

ATEX Radios

Intrinsically Safe ATEX Professional Mobile Analogue & Digital radios by leading manufacturers, especially selected for demanding environments.

Marine Radios

Marine Radios are used to communicate from ship to shore and ship to ship with ease and with simple canalization and frequency shift. Whether working for the maritime rescue organisations or simply for personal use.


We have a large range of Noise-cancelling, heavy duty, lightweight or MSA CC Supreme headsets compatible with many different radio models.

Covert Kits & Throat Microphones

Covert/Semi Covert earpiece kits support a range of radios, in-ear communications, cuff microphones and discrete PTTs.

Chargers & Batteries

High quality chargers & batteries for your two-way radio’s with either single or multi radio support. Our chargers are ‘smart’ because they protect your battery life by not over charging it, but also provide automatic re-charging of a battery when the radio remains powered on whilst in the charger.

Press-to-Talk Switches

Press-to-Talk (PTT) switches to enable transmission from a two-way radio, allows quick connection to a wide range of headsets and accessories.

Remote Speakers Microphones

High performance Remote Speaker Mics (RSM’s) offer a rugged, lightweight, cost effective solution which is ideal for industrial and security applications.


RadiAll Workstation is a radio interface that allows the user connect to a ‘mobile’ two-way radio and then select from a wide range communications accessories.