A versatile and robust system that can be used in a number of different ways to provide you with a communications solution tailored to your requirements. The SWATCOM DX is available in three different variations:


  • The standard handset has a range of up to 300 meters and can broadcast on 4 secure channels.
  • The DX LR handset has a range of up to 2000 meters and can broadcast on up to 32 secure channels. It also features a Bluetooth option that enables you to connect a second headset OR a cell phone on the same radio! The DX LR also can be charged while communicating, solving the “what’s the battery life?” problem!
  • The ATEX variant of the DX LR is certified as safe to use in potentially explosive environments.

Conference mode:

 The SWATCOM DX allows you to communicate hands-free in full-duplex mode (conference mode) with an infinite number of people in the group.

The Bluetooth option allows you to get phone calls and even conference-in your remote correspondent in the DX team. This is an ideal solution if you are in a team working away from a central headquarters and you need to maintain constant contact with each other.

The Bluetooth Option: to connect a cell-phone or an additional headset

Phone Connection: When calling or receiving an incoming call, you can decide whether you take it privately, then create a one-to-one conversation on the phone (“Private”), or conference-in your remote correspondent and add him in the DX Team (“Public”).

èAPPI-Smart: remote control your radio with your smartphone.

Install the APPI-Smart App to your smartphone or tablet and have an identical interface to the DX handset. This gives you the ability to join a conference with a team using SWATCOM DX handsets and configure your audio settings as required, choose between full duplex mode (Hands free constant conversation) or PTT (Press To Talk) mode like on a traditional 2 way radio where you have to press a button to transmit.

Safety Side: the APPI-Smart can be triggered by the “man down” alert incoming from another DX in the group (in an off-network zone, etc.), to automatically call a pre-registered phone number (colleague or call-centre),and send a text with time stamps, GPS location.

Additional (Bluetooth) connection: Share your DX!

Get more out of your SWATCOM DX handsets by linking an additional (Bluetooth) headset per one handset. This offers you a cost effective way to include more people in the group. We have a number of bluetooth communications headsets available capable of pairing with the SWATCOM DX. Please note however that for every one handset you can only use one bluetooth headset and one wired headset at any one time simultaneously.

To learn more visit our SWATCOM DX Section

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