SWATCOM Multicom Kits

Our SWATCOM Multicom Kits give the user a ready made communications solution. Simple, convenient and effective.

The Multicom Referee Kit

The SWATCOM Multicom Referee Kit is perfect for sport officials, enabling up to 5 people to communicate in full duplex at once. The kit comes with the SM100 Sports Headset (One for each handset ordered). The headset has both an inner and additional outer ear holder to keep the headset secure while you’re on the move. As well as an omni directional microphone to ensure constant two way communications. The kit is dust protected and water resistant (IP54) and provides the user(s) with a reliable and robust communications system. The Kit also comes with a handy leather case complete with belt clip, giving the kit greater protection against the elements and enabling the user to wear the handset on their kit without worrying about the handset falling off.

The Multicom Arborist Kit

The SWATCOM Arborist kit takes all of the stress out of helmet comms while you’re working. The kit comprises of a climbing helmet, the SWATCOM Multicom CC Passive Headset with latching PTT and a SWATCOM Multicom handset. The combination enables the user to maintain constant clear communications with one another even when there are high levels of background noise. Dust and water resistant (IP54) the handset can be depended on in all conditions.