With so many communications solutions on the market its easy to get lost amongst myriad of options. This article looks at the SWATCOM Multicom range and we try to explain what sets it apart from conventional Two Way radios.

Hands free:

When using a Two-way radio you have to press and hold the transmit button down every time you want to transmit a message, this is fine if you’re sending sporadic messages to one another, but for a sustained natural conversation it really isn’t ideal. With the SWATCOM multicom you can communicate without pressing any buttons, just like having a normal conversation. If you work in an environment with high levels of noise such as a factory, or in an environment where you have distance between users, the multicom is the perfect solution to enable you to converse with multiple colleagues naturally and completely hands free, no button pressing required, just talk.


Another advantage that the Multicom boasts over a Two-way radio is the ability to broadcast over a digitally encrypted network. This enables you to have continuous communications with your team without fear of interference. With social distancing measures looking to remain in place for the foreseeable future, there will be an unprecedented amount of shops and businesses using unlicensed PMR446, Two-way radios. This could potentially lead to high levels of interference with those channels being saturated with different users from different local businesses.


The SWATCOM Multicom range of handsets can support simultaneous communications for up to 8 people. This means that teams can simply turn on their multicom handset, connect their headsets and speak naturally without having to give it any further thought, enabling them to focus entirely on the task at hand whilst remaining in constant contact with one another.

Additional features:

Our Multicom intercoms do not require any license or programming, simply charge the handset switch it on and select which channel you want to broadcast on and you’re ready to go. In order to have your own secure channel on a two way radio you must apply for an ofcom license and then have the radios programmed. The multicom also boasts an impressive battery life, with one handset lasting up to 18 hours on a single charge, meaning that they can easily last a full working day.

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