SWATCOM 2talk Pro Headsets

The SWATCOM 2talk headband (AK6592) headset allows hands-free, full duplex encrypted communication between two matching headsets up to 200 metres apart.

  • Full-duplex hands-free wireless communications between operators allows continuous communications and total freedom to move.
  • No licence required, simply switch on and go and work
  • Headsets work in pairs up to 200 metres apart (depending on environment)
  • Full encryption ensures total security between users
  • All metal parts are stainless steel to increase durability
  • Quick positioning noise cancelling boom microphone filters out background noise for clear speech transmission
  • 2 x re-chargeable AA batteries and charger are supplied with the headsets
  • Fits to a wide variety of helmets
  • Excellent passive attenuation ensures excellent hearing protection
  • CE, EMC and FCC approved

SWATCOM 2talk Pro M Dongle

The 2talk Pro M is a Modular Class 1 Bluetooth handset that allows wireless hands-free, full-duplex communication between two handsets, up to 200 metres apart.

  • The 2talk Pro M has a quick disconnect connection that allows different styles of SWATCOM headsets or throat microphones to be attached to suit different types of workplace environments and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • The 2talk Pro M can also be paired to the 2talk Pro headsets. The modular design makes it ideal for a variety of industry sectors.
  • Powered by 2 x AA re-chargeable batteries with external charging.
  • A rugged crocodile clip enables easy attachment to clothing.
  • Licence free, fully encrypted and very easy to operate, the 2talk Pro M will improve safety, increase productivity and reduce downtime making it the perfect solution for many workplace needs.

2talk Pro (Heavy Duty Headset) – designed for use in High noise areas 

2talk Pro M (Dongle) – designed for use in Low noise areas and adapted to work with Personal Protective Equipment, fitted with a SWATCOM modular connector allowing the user to connect to all SWATCOM headsets and PTTs with a SWATCOM connector.

Watch the 2talk in action:

2talk Headsets and Dongles are ideal for the following industries:

  • Aviation & Ground Support
  • Emergency Services
  • Energy, Utilities & Mining
  • Marine & Offshore
  • Manufacturing
  • Arborists & Forestry
  • Construction
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