Sordin Hearing Protection

Sordin hearing protection offers users professional hearing protectors for all industrial situations that make you concentrate on your work.. High quality and innovative products designed for professional users. We offer a choice of Passive and Active Listening headsets enabling you and your colleagues to stay protected at all times.

Sordin Passive headsets are non electronic hearing protectors that defend users working in high noise environments. These are available as either a headband or as helmet attachments. All of are Sordin ear defenders are certified to use with climbing and safety helmets. We sell hearing protection that offers various dB SNR to provide suitable hearing protection in various environemtns, avialable in a number of styles and colours.

We offer Sordin electronic headsets with a selection of capabilites. Giving users the hearing protection required while also giving the option to listen to AM/FM radio, or stream music/podcasts or speak on the phone through the headset. Level dependant (LD) is an option, this enhances audio through the (LD mics) enabling the user to easily commuicate face-to-face while remaining protected in high noise environments. We offer headsets with idividual electronic perks or headsets with a collection of abilites, available as headband, neckbank or helmet mount.
What is an electronic headset?
  • Electronic headsets come in various models, with different levels of electronics built in.
  • You can listen to AM/FM while remaining protected from loud external noises.
  • Headsets with built in Level dependent (LD) microphones allow for enhanced external audio, while cutting out/reduicing any harmful impulse noises.
  • Bluetooth headsets that give users the ability to connect a mobile phone & stream/play music or podcasts while having the ability to talk when a phone call is recieved.
  • Communication headsets, speak freely among your group while remaining protected.

We offer headsets that offer a selection of the above, or headsets that can do most if not all of the above.

What is a passive hearing protector?
  • A passive hearing protector, to put it simply is an earmuff without any electronics – it is simply 2 ear cups with a hygiene kit (ear pads) connected via headband, helmet mounts or a neckband (Choice is yours). We offer various levels of passive protection, depending on the level of noise you are working in – generally the higher level noise, the higher level SNR you will need thus requiring a bulkier passive headset.
What is the difference between an electronic or passive headset?
  • The clue is in the name, although “Electronic headsets” come with different levels of “Electronics” built-in. For example, we offer electronic headsets with AM/FM radio, or with level dependant (Enhance audio while reducing harmful impulse noises), Headsets with communications built-in, Bluetooth headsets so you can pair your phone & play/stream music or talk on a phone call.
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