Silenta Electronic Hearing Protection

Silenta Electronic Hearing Protection an important safety factor in several work environments. The electronic parts of Silenta’s earmuffs are protected with a unique casting technique, which makes the headsets durable even in demanding circumstances. Silence is not always the safest alternative in a noisy work environment. With the help of electronic hearing protectors, you will be able to protect your hearing safely while remaining aware of your environment and possible alarms. You can continue to work efficiently by communicating with your colleagues with a phone or radiophone without leaving the noisy area. Fine-tuned details and functions also increase the product’s comfort.


Silenta earmuffs are powered by Li-on batteries. Using a rechargeable internal battery enables users to limit their carbon footprint as well as keeping their life cycle costs down.


Silentas casting technique ensures that electronics are protected which increases safety by ensuring reliable communications


The pressure from the Silenta earmuffs is distributed evenly and they are comfortable to wear.

Silenta Electronic Headbands:

Silenta Electronic Helmet Attach

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