Savox Headsets

Savox Heavy Duty Headsets

The Savox heavy duty range has an SNR value of between 30 and 32 dB enabling a user to maintain high levels of protection in the noisiest of environments. Both heavy duty headsets come with a replaceable mic boom giving the user the ability to communicate clearly whilst remaining protected. The new Noise-Com 400 is also ATEX certified.

Savox Lightweight Headsets

Savox Lightweight headsets offer the user a robust communications solution ideal for use in combination with helmets. The noise cancelling microphone enables the user to communicate clearly even when there is a high level of background noise.

Savox Helmet-Coms

Savox Helmet-Coms are designed to integrate with fire and safety helmets. They offer the user a hands free communications system which is particularly useful for fire and rescue services. Easily mounted into most helmets these are a lightweight quick and simple communications solution.