SWATCOM SC1 PTT & SC9 Ultra Lightweight Headset with mic

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  • Rugged, waterproof and dust tight PTT
  • Large, easy to locate Press-To-Talk button
  • Extremely lightweight and ultra flexible boom mic
  • Water resistant speaker and microphone
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The SWATCOM 1 is a waterproof & dust tight Press-To-Talk (PTT) switch, combined with the SWATCOM9 Ultra Lightweight Headset, a popular combination for use where high noise is not a problem.

The SWATCOM 1 (Modular Accessory PTT) can be configured to attach to virtually any portable two-way radio. The SWATCOM 1 is intrinsically safe, totally waterproof and dust tight. The unique TALKING HEADSETS accessory quick release allows the PTT to be attached to any of the SWATCOM communication devices. This adaptability allows the same system to be tailored to a specific user workplace environment or operational needs.

The SWATCOM 9 Ultra Lightweight Headset (SC9) is a cost effective headset for use in low noise environments, it is extremely lightweight and it’s ultra flexible boom mic adjusts to any position. The water resistant speaker and microphone are incorporated in a housing that attaches onto a lightweight headband that fits comfortably behind the head.

  • Rugged, waterproof and dust tight
  • Works with most make/model of portable radios
  • Modular design for easy plug and play operation
  • Large, easy to locate Push-To-Talk button
  • Compatible in high noise and for use with facemask/protective suits


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