SWATCOM SC1 PTT, SC5 Throat Mic & Earpiece

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  • Slimline and Covert Press-to-Talk PTT Switch
  • Use with any make/model of facemask or breathing apparatus
  • Choice of Earpieces
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The SWATCOM 1 PTT Switch, SWATCOM 5 Throat Mic and SWATCOM 15 C-Shape Earpiece, combine to make a truly versatile discrete communication system.

The SWATCOM 1 (Modular Accessory PTT) can be configured to attach to virtually any portable two-way radio. The SWATCOM 1 is totally waterproof and dust tight. The unique TALKING HEADSETS accessory quick release allows the PTT to be attached to any of the SWATCOM communication devices. This adaptability allows the same system to be tailored to a specific user workplace environment or operational needs.

The unique SWATCOM 5 Throat Mic was designed specifically for Military and Law Enforcement users who want a reliable accessory for voice communication that is streamline, easy to use and can be adapted in the field for a variety of operational scenarios. Whether it involves Gas Masks, Breathing Apparatus, Protective Equipment, Bad Weather, Noisy Weapons, Noisy Vehicles or just plain Noisy surroundings you can trust the SWATCOM 5.

It comes with a choice of C or D shape earpieces or acoustic tubes.

  • Rugged, waterproof and dust tight
  • Works with most make/model of portable radios
  • Modular design for easy plug and play operation
  • Large, easy to locate Push-To-Talk button
  • Compatible in high noise and for use with Facemask/Protective Suits
  • EU Tariff code: 8518300000


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