Silenta MULTI CAP Helmet Attach

Multi Cap, includes FM radio and level limiting function, and is a helmet-mounted hearing protector. Multi Cap protects you from harmful noise and allows you to monitor radio broadcasts and simultaneously hear ambient sounds such as speech or warning signals. The functions can be adjusted according to the user and the situation. Level-limited audio electronics reproduce the sounds of the environment in a natural way with no disturbing background noise. the noise level limiter limits hearing damage above 82 dB to a safe level. Attachment option for general industrial protective helmets.


Silenta MULTI CAP Helmet Attach, key features:

  • Rechargeable Li-ion battery. Up to 60 hours of use per charge.
  • Speech frequencies are amplified for 10 dB for safety reasons, reproducing speech with extreme clarity
  • Automatic radio channel search
  • Memory for last selected channel and volume when power is turned on.
  • Automatic power off if no key is pressed for 5 hours – prevents battery drain if power is forgotten.
  • The protector informs you of the need to charge about 15 hours before the battery is completely discharged.
  • Favorite channel saves your five favorite channels in memory
  • The short antenna is off the road when working
  • sound level limiter 82 dB (A)
  • Car charger available as an accessory.
  • Weight 315 g
  • EU Tariff code: 8518300000


ATTENUATION VALUES  H = 25  M = 23pcs  L = 17 pcs  SNR = 25 db
Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 3150 4000 6300 8000
Mean attenuation (dB) 14.0 16.0 24.4 29.9 25.0 35.2 49.1 40.5 38.4
Std. Deviation 3.5 1.9 2.6 2.8 3.2 4.8 4.6 5.5 5.6
APV value (84%) 10.5 14.2 21.7 27.1 21.7 30.4 34.4 35.5 32.8


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