MSA left/RIGHT Wireless World (Headband)

£280.16 (Exc VAT)

With left/RIGHT Wireless World connected Hearing protection, workers are now fully connected to the outside world. There is no longer any risk of losing the benefits of their hearing protection to take a call or to communicate, and with the advanced feature of MSA headsets, they can enjoy high quality streaming audio while on duty.


Key features & benefits

  • left/RIGHT ergonomic design for optimal wearing position and comfort
  • Bluetooth wireless capability to connect mobile phones, mobile devices
  • Flexible Noise cancelling microphone with parking position
  • Multi-lingual messaging (23 languages) to navigate through the menu seamlessly
  • Volume adjustment with safety limitation of maximal volume below harmful thresholds
  • Priority management to incoming calls
  • Dual version available with FM radio and level dependent surrounding sound restitution (Cut-off)
  • Headband or Helmet mounted versions available

Technical Specifications

Weight Headband version: 295g / Helmet mounted version: 280g
Materials Plastics: ABS (Cups, helmet mounting bracket) POM (Headband)

Acoustic Foam

PVC layer and foam (Sealing ring)

Navigation Menus Selection by user, 23 languages
Microphone Boom Microphone, flexible arm and parking position, including wind shield
Speaker 2.32 ohms loudspeakers
Battery 2x AA. Possibility to use rechargeable batteries (External charging) External water tight compartment
Battery lifetime Standard version: 40 hours (With 25% of time using Bluetooth link)

Dual version: 36 hours (with 25% of time using Bluetooth link and Cutoff always active)

Bluetooth Profile / Firmware Bluetooth headset, handsfree and A2DP profiles

Built-in Bootloader enabling firmware update remotely

Compatible MSA Helmets V-Gard, V-Gard 200, V-Gard 500, V-Gard 520, V-Gard 930, V-Gard 950, Thermalgard
Sound Priority Management Priority to incoming calls

Mixed with ambient sound (0 to 75%) Discussion mode (ambient sound only)

Sound Volume limitation 82 dB per source, sound combination up to 85 dB
CE approval Certified by European Notified Body FIOH (0197) according to the following standards:

EN352-1, EN352-3, EN352-6, EN352-8

ANSI approval ANSI S3.19-1974
Ingress Protection rating (IP) IP54 (functional)
SNR and H/M/L Value (EN) Headband Version 28dB

(H=31 dB / M=25 dB / L=17 dB)

Helmet mounted Version 28 dB

(H=20 Db / M=23 Db / L=17 dB)

NRR Value (ANSI) Headband Version 25 dB Helmet mounted Version 24 dB
Ambient sound amplification Adjustable, +6 dB TO -6 dB
EMC EN 61000-6-2 Immunity for industrial environments 10V/m

EN 61000-6-3 Emission standard for residential, commercial and light-industrial environments

EN 300328, EN 301489-17, EN 301489-3, EN 301489-1, FCC 47 CFR PART 15

Replacement parts – Hygiene kit Sealing ring and foams – recommended change every six months

Additional information


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