Con-Space USAR Taskforce kit

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  • Hands-free, full duplex private communication between the victim and the rescuers
  • Can be configured according to the rescue involved
  • Rugged and reliable


The Con-Space USAR (Urban Search & Rescue) Taskforce Kit is a Hardline two-way voice communication system design to meet specific rescue needs. These include, Confine Space, High Angle, Structural Collapse, Victim Location, Shoring, Tunnelling and Trench Rescue.

The Con-Space USAR Taskforce kit can be configured according to the rescue involved, so whether it’s a two-in-two-out or a five-person Search & Rescue team the USAR Taskforce Kit has you covered.

In a rescue situation where instant communication between team members is critical, remember that communication can be locked out by any radio system being keyed accidently and that radio conversations can be monitored by outside sources (e.g. the press). the best overall choice for reliable communication is a Hardline intercom system. CON-SPACE’s full duplex USAR Taskforce kit allow hands-free, private communications that is rugged, reliable and Intrinsically Safe Approved so it will never act as the igniting source for an explosion.

Used by FEMA, UKSAR, SUSAR and teams throughout North America, CON-SPACE’s USAR Taskforce Kit is a multi-purpose, multi-user Hardline communication system designed for:

  • Confined Space Rescue
  • Collapse Structure Rescue
  • Trench Rescue
  • Mine Rescue
  • High Angle Rescue
  • Shoring & Tunnelling
  • Victim Location

This comprehensive kit can be configured according to the type of rescue required. The USAR Task Force Kit provides hands-free, full duplex (simultaneous two-way) private communication between the victim and the rescuers.

Kit Contents

1 x CSI-1100 Mini Module
1 x CSI-2100 Command Module
1 x CSI-2105 Power Talk Box Controller
1 x CSI-2131 Power Talk Box
1 x Cable Splitter – Double w/Mic Switch
1 x Operator Headset Single Sided. 32in
1 x Clothing Clip Heavy Duty
4 x Facemask Rescue Set
4 x Speaker Harness Version
1 x Operator Ext. Cable 20ft(6m) w/Mute Switch
1 x 50ft(15m) Cable w/Connectors
4 x 100ft(30m) Cable w/Connectors w/Strain Relief/Sanp Hook
8 x 100ft(30m) Cable w/Connectors
1 x Expansion Cable w/Connectors, 18in(45 cm)
1 x 1ft Cable w/Mute Switch
1 x PTB Romote Foot Option
1 x 100ft(30m) Umbilical Cover Black
1 x 100ft(30m) Umbilical Cover Red
1 x 100ft(30m) Umbilical Cover Blue
1 x 100ft(30m) Umbilical Cover Orange
1 x Rescue Probe
1 x Probe Interface Cable 25ft(7.5m)
1 x Probe Headset, (Behind-Head) Double-sided w/Mute
1 x Probe Cord w/Snap Hook – 50ft(15m) 1 x Rope Coupler for Probe
1 X Boom Mic Windscreen
1 x CSI-1000 Soft Carry Bag(Red)
1 x Cable Coiler
4 x 300ft(91m) Cable Bag
1 x Taskforce Kit Case


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CON-SPACE Hardline Brochure PDF
CON-SPACE Hardline Brochure

CON-SPACE USAR Taskforce Kit

CON-SPACE CSI-110 Mini Module PDF
CON-SPACE CSI-110 Mini Module

CON-SPACE CSI-2100 Module

CON-SPACE Power Talk Box PDF
CON-SPACE Power Talk Box


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